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Modist Hard Seltzer?


HEY LOOK WE MADE A SELTZER! Actually, we made TWO!

Introducing Taproom Only, a hard seltzer conditioned on Peruvian lime juice and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt that’s, you guessed it, taproom only. If you wanna give it a try, you’ll have to… you guessed it again… come to the taproom to try it out.

Introducing Non-Beernary, a v. limited collaboration with Deviant Minds, is a hard seltzer conditioned on fresh watermelon juice and basil that’s making its debut at Pride Dabbler on Friday, June 24th. $1 of every pour of Non-Beernary hard seltzer in the taproom will be donated to Deviant Minds.

Taproom Only & Non-Beernary go on tap in the… taproom on Saturday, June 25th.