April 22, 2016

We save water because Earth

Beer is mostly water, and the brewing process is very water intensive. A typical brewery requires 8-10 gallons of water to produce 1 single gallon of beer. Our brewhouse, HOWEVER, allows us to produce a gallon of beer using less than 3 gallons of water. In a time when water shortages are causing shit tons of problems, we think that’s pretty cool. How do we do it? Mostly because we have this thing:




Our Aegir Brewing Sytem is designed around the Meura 2001 Mash Filter. A mash filter replaces a traditional system’s lauter tun. The lautering process in a traditional brewing system extracts sugar from the mash by passing water through the grain and with a lot of help from gravity  (we liken this to a drip coffee filter). Our system filters the mash by passing it through a series of membranes, then inflating bladders within these membranes to squeeze the remaining sugar from the grain (similar to a french press). Because this system allows us to use a force much greater than gravity, our sparging cycles are shorter and our sparge water volume is much lower than that used in conjunction with the more traditional lauter tun.  This means huge water savings:


At our current production rate, we’re already be saving the fishies 868,000 gallons per year!




Hooray Earth!