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Queer Spaces are Sacred


This past weekend the LGBTQIA+ community lost the lives of 5 beautiful humans—Derrick Rump, Ashley Paugh, Kelly Loving, Daniel Aston, and Raymond Green—in a senseless attack at a queer nightclub in Colorado Springs, Club Q. For many, queer spaces were the first places we ever felt comfortable in our own skin, the first place we found community, and the first time we felt like there was somewhere we belonged. These places helped us realize that we’re not alone in this world, that love is there, love is true, and we’re as much deserving of it as anyone else. QUEER SPACES ARE SACRED for the LGBTQIA+ community.

During our upcoming drag/burlesque brunch, The Other Brunch, in addition to donating $1 of every pour during the event, we’ll be giving Dreamyard a glow-up in support of the victims of the Club Q shooting. For a limited time, Dreamyard will be known as QUEER SPACES ARE SACRED. There will be one keg going on tap at the event and a limited number of crowlers available to go, all while supplies last. Every cent of the proceeds will be donated to the Colorado Healing Fund, as requested by the Club Q post, in support of the families and victims. We hope you can join us and help show that hateful rhetoric and the resulting violence will not sway the support and love the LGBTQIA+ deserves and needs.