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Oak-Aged Pretty Metal is Back


Crocheting a blanket for your grandma while listening to Merciful Fate, that’s Pretty Metal. Tearing off the sleeves of your new Backstreet Boys T-shirt as soon as you get it, that’s Pretty Metal. Watching Lord of the Rings extended edition while drinking a black lager out of a Viking horn, that’s Pretty Metal. 

Introducing Pretty Metal, a Dark Lager brewed with pilsner malt, roasted barley, and midnight wheat, hopped with Hersbrucker & Saphir then aged in our oak foeders. This metal (but aged on wood) lager comes in at 4.5% ABV—now that’s Pretty Metal.

Come headbang with us on October 1 when Pretty Metal rocks our tap lines, or grab it in liquor stores starting October 4. Check back Tuesday for the full delivery schedule.

Have you tried it?