April 26, 2017

Drop In! Skate Deck Art / Live Music Show!

Saturday, May 6th we’re teaming up with Rogue Citizen to host a skate deck art and live music show! It’s totally free and you can RSVP AND STAY UP TO DATE HERE.


30+ artists have turned skateboard decks into artistic masterpieces and will have them on display/up for sale at our brewery. Artists involved include: Chuck U, Dwitt, members of Rogue Citizen, and many many more.


We’re also going to have live music featuring these fine folks:


The Blind Shake

“The Blind Shake is at once spacey, primitive futuristic, and brutal: a kind of backyard extraterrestrial minimal surf-punk party. One guitar, one baritone guitar, a fuckload of reverb, and a drummer who deserves an Olympic medal.” –SF Weekly 


This will also be their chance to catch them preform before they leave for their European tour.




Lutheran Heat