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This session of Beer Smarts is sold out!  Look for another session in the fall.


Looking for a fun way to increase your appreciation and enjoyment of all things beer? Join Beer Smarts! Whether you’re a beer novice or a beer expert, Beer Smarts is designed to deepen your understanding of beer ingredients, the brewing process, and how to best enjoy beer.


The course includes 6 unique 1 hr sessions that are held in our taproom on Monday evenings.  Led by Paige Didora, our Education Specialist, each session will focus on a specific beer topic and will feature guest speakers, behind-the-scenes looks at brewing equipment and processes, and of course, tons of beer samples! Entry to the course is $50, and class will begin at 7 pm each Monday (with an hour socializing time before and after each class).


Here’s a breakdown of the schedule:

Session 1: Beer History and Water (3/6/17)

  • Intro to course
  • History of brewing
  • Properties of water
  • Ratio of grain to water / “gravity”
  • Beers famous for water reasons

Session 2: Grains and malting (3/13/17)

  • Focus on malted grain / barley
  • German Purity Law
  • Other sources of sugar (candied sugar, lactose)
  • What happens when water meets grain
  • Beers famous for grain reasons
  • Mini brewery tour!

Session 3: Hops (3/20/17)

  • Hops – what they are, how they’re grown, and where they’re grown
  • From the filter to the boil kettle
  • Hop additions and other additives

Session 4: Fermentation (3/27/17)

  • Historical significance of yeast as magic / God / luck
  • Classification of yeast
  • An overview of fermentation
  • Significant yeast strains through history and by style
  • Other methods of fermentation
  • The bright tank (forced carbonation vs natural)

Session 5: Evaluating Beer (4/10/17)

  • Packaging beer
  • Beer service (cleanliness/glassware)
  • Beer expiration
  • Critical evaluation and tasting
  • How to improve your palate
  • Good beer gone bad: off flavor training

Session 6: Food and Beer Pairing (4/24/17)

  • Why pair beer with food?
  • Pairing with beer vs wine
  • Basic taste elements
  • Congruent vs complementary food and beer pairing
  • Pairing tips and tricks

About Paige (Latham) Didora:

Paige has been a voice for Twin Cities beer education and press for several years. She founded the blog Alcohol by Volume four years ago and is also a contributor at Heavy Table. Paige has participated in national conferences, beer judging, and co-led educational tastings at The Four Firkins Beer Store. Her interest lies in local and national trends, beer and food pairings, as well as the science and history of brewing.