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100% Wheat Beer Doesn’t taste like A Wheat Beer


🚨Warning Warning Warning🚨


You have now entered into a point of education. Wheat. 


What wheat IS

  • A soft mild grain that can be used in almost any beer, typically as a base malt.
  • A grain that imparts minimal amounts of flavor characteristics other than slight notes of bready, doughy qualities with a touch of sweetness.
  • A grain that makes for a perfect canvas to showcase hop flavors and aromas.
  • A grain that adds a texture that offers a super soft mouthfeel making beer incredibly easy to drink.
  • A grain that creates a nice head with nice long head retention.


What wheat IS NOT…

  • Something that tastes like a “Wit” “Belgiany” “Blue Moonish” “Wheat Beer” (that comes from yeast and stuff).


This educational snippet was brought to you by All Your Wheat Are Belong To Us, a 100% Wheat New England IPA that we made in collaboration with our friends at Marz Community Brewing Co. in Chicago. It was brewed with 100% Midwest wheat malt for the mash and dry-hopped throughout fermentation with our hand-selected Strata, Vic Secret & Cryo Mosaic hops. This super-soft beer that showcases all the hop flavors and aromas will be available in the taproom beginning on Saturday, August 31st with a limited number of crowlers available to go.