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Permanently parked outside of our brewery you will find The Curious Goat food truck. Outside of their truck you will find an ever changing, locally sourced, seasonally focused menu of incredible food. Inside of their truck you’ll find Chef Ian and Kiri Gray – a talented and lovely couple of humans.


Food truck summer hours (Apr – Oct):

Mon: Open for Twins home games

Tues – Thurs: 4-9 PM

Fri/Sat: 12 PM – 9 PM

Sun: 12 pm – 5 PM





On a cold day back in January of this year, Ian and Kiri Gray – owners of The Curious Goat food truck – stopped by our taproom to finalize the details of what has become a pretty awesome partnership: a permanent residency outside our patio. On the surface, this partnership means they promise to offer food whenever we’re open and we promise to give them exclusive access to our taproom. But – there’s so much more.


A few of the things we love about this arrangement:

  1. The Curious Goat team is a group of seriously cool people who share our values and ethics. The litmus test for any long-term partnership is whether or not you like and respect your partners and whether or not both parties are aligned on values, goals, and ethics. For us, that answer is a resounding YES! These are good, salt-of-the-earth people that understand the virtues of friendship, authenticity and respect. And, they can also be a lot of fun. We’ve been happy to adopt them into the Modist family.
  2. The Curious Goat puts out amazing food. The proof is in the pudding – pun partially intended. Partnering with one food truck only means you’re putting all your eggs in one basket (pun partially intended) – and that could be a bad thing if the menu never changed or if the food was average. That is not the case here. The bulk of the menu changes daily and spans a gamut of cuisines and styles. A hungry patron can typically choose from tacos, burgers, and sandwiches to fancier fare like housemade gnocchi/pasta and rice bowls. So a visit to their window will be rewarded with variety of consistently terrific quality. And, their famous staples – cheese curds and pork nachos – are always on the menu… so no matter your mood, you will never leave disappointed.
  3. Chef Ian is a source of inspiration. Having an accomplished and seriously talented chef just mere feet from our brewery means we can draw inspiration from his creativity with food and apply that, in our own special way, to our beers. Many a day you can find Keigan and Ian discussing the nuanced flavors of a dish or a beer. It’s a good cross-pollination of ideas and creativity.
  4. We can collaborate on elevating the wonderful thing that is beer + food. Both Modist and The Curious Goat are committed to elevating to new heights the wonderful thing that can be beer paired with food. No longer is beer considered a low-brow beverage worthy only of a simply hot dog or slice of pizza. A well-crafted beer deserves a spot at the table next to a flavorful, thoughtfully-prepared meal. We both feel that beer can oftentimes be a better companion to food than wine even. To that end, we are just beginning to explore ways to bring more attention to the food:beer pairing… we have great ideas in mind beyond just simple taproom pairings: cooking with beer (Ian already uses Dreamyard in the batter for their delicious cheese curds, for example), brewing with ingredients more typically found in the kitchen, and more elaborate beer dinners… so much more to come!


So, while a few folks might have been concerned about our choice to commit to only one food truck, we are actually ecstatic about it. The arrangement for us is like having an in-house chef and crew at our brewery – someone committed to putting out great product day after day as much as making sure that the product works well with our beers. So yeah – we’re excited.